Payment & Deposits



Arrival after 30 days: In order for us to secure your reservation, we require a 25% deposit at the time of booking, which is fully refundable up to 30 days before your arrival date. The balance will then be auto-processed 30 days before your arrival date; please ensure there are adequate available funds on the card used at the time of booking.


Arrival within 30 daysIf your arrival date is within 30 days from the booking date, 100% of the amount will be due at the time of booking




A security deposit will be automatically held on your payment card up to 3 days before your hire date. This sum is equal to and shall serve as the insurance excess should it be required in the case of damage. We shall need to be notified of any wish to utilise an alternative card at least 5 days before the hire date.

This amount is £1000 for those aged 25 and above on standard terms. For those aged 21-22 this amount increases to £1500, and for those aged 23-24 this amount increases to £1250. The standard maximum age in line with our insurance policy is 70, however we are able to accept drivers between 70 and 79 with an increased excess of £1500.


Subject to the vehicle and contents being returned in good condition and all present, the deposit will be released back to the card within 7 days. Should Your hire period extend longer than 7 days, Highland Overland reserves the right to either repeat the authorisation, or alternatively charge the security deposit to the card, to be refunded on return of the vehicle. Should there arise a need to cover costs amounting to less than the Security Deposit amount, the amount of the costs will be deducted, and the remainder shall be released to You. Invoices for works undertaken and purchases made shall be provided. A charge of £30 per hour will be applied for labours undertaken by Highland Overland staff, for example in fitment of new parts purchased. 


Non UK/EU drivers may be subject to an increase in the security deposit upon approval as a driver and as decided directly by the insurers.